Congrats to Jenni Foxx– August 2014 Pinup-Doll of the month

Posted by John on August 30, 2014

Where has the month gone? Here we are at the end of August, Labor day weekend and OH CRAP I forgot to say hello to the August 2014 Pinup-Doll of the month.
Well here she is. Jenni Foxx
From what I can find out about this Oklahoma cutie her love of vintage goes back to playing dress up in her grandma's closet as a kid, but she fell into modelling just two years ago..
from an interview with Rebel Circus
"In the winter of 2012 a friend of mine, Cristal Solomon, asked me if I would help her build a portfolio for her new boudoir business. I had zero modeling experience prior to this but I was excited and honored to participate. I was terribly nervous about that first session but found a certain joy from being in front of the camera. I knew I had to do it again."
You can see more on:
Model Revolt
All my love to the ladies of, Naomi VonKreeps, Veronica Virgo, Harlean Carpenter, Korina M. Lopez, and Sally Sparrow
Have a great weekend

Miss Charlotte Cake

Posted by John on August 18, 2014

I was cruising around Pinup Lifestyle and came across a series of pics from 25 year old New Zealand native, Miss Charlotte Cake.
Hailing from Auckland, this raven haired cutie dreams of one day owning her own vintage cake and tea house and is aiming to be Miss Pinup New Zealand 2015.

From her "Who am I?" on her website


My name is Charlotte, also known as 'Miss Charlotte Cake' - a 25 year old lass who dreams of one day owning her own vintage cake and tea house.

I'm an obsessive cake and desserts baker and love to bake for vintage events around Auckland.

I'm also an aspiring pin up model, who loves organising photo shoots as I'm hoping to take out Miss Pin up New Zealand 2015.

I am a lover of all things vintage and retro with a particular interest in the 1940's & 1950's, I also really like vintage Gothic and vamp style.

I have a huge interest in rock n' roll & metal music and love the annual Soundwave festival - one day I hope to go to Download.

I'm a religious tea drinker and have an ever growing teapot collection which is beginning to take over my room, I also love watching old school horror films like Creature From The Black Lagoon, Frankenstein and Psycho. I have a large collection of vintage movie posters and love reading musical biographies (I'm a complete and utter metal-head).


Miss Charlotte Cake on Pinup Lifestyle
Miss Charlotte Cake's Website
Miss Charlotte Cake on Instagram
and of course
On Twitter and On Facebook

10381996_483934951751077_5656367813366385720_nI'm going to have to keep an eye on this girl and promo her when it comes time for Miss Pinup New Zealand 2015.


I think she is absolutely lovely, playful and fun.


She just looks like she is having a great time in the shoots she has published.


and my fave shot so far? the nice little twirling skirt pic, a little stocking top peeking out and that smile. just brings it all together





Congrats to Brody Bombshell– July 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

Posted by John on July 22, 2014

Yup another month has come and gone and give me yet another girlie to show off.
For July 2014 they sent me Miss Brody Bombshell. She hails from Minnesota and now lives in Wisconsin, if you believe the map that is
Hopefully this 5'4" 34C-25-36 cutie heads down to Chicago or Milwaukee to visit or do a shoot and she makes a stop in the Racine area and we can grab some coffee 
Just coffee I swear
Maybe a picture
Kiss on the cheek?
yea yea yea back to the pics...
What's that? you want to see more Brody Bombshell?
I can help you with that
Model Mayhem
Website "Coming Soon"
The ladies of, Naomi VonKreeps, Veronica Virgo, Harlean Carpenter, Korina M. Lopez, and Sally Sparrow do this contest every month plus send out regular updates showcasing beautiful women.
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Look who showed up in my e-mail… twice

Posted by John on July 17, 2014

Ginger 1Ginger 3Ginger 50
Do you have any idea what happens when you let it slip that you kinda have a crush on a pinup girl?
Well I don't know about you, but I get pics in my e-mail
Ginger 6Ginger 7
Not only did I get pics from Miss Ginger Valiant herself,and a couple are never before seen
BUT my newest fave photographer Anacani Carrera sent me a bunch as well
Ginger 10 (1)Ginger 5
Ginger stands 5'3" and measures 34D-28-36, if you keep track of such things.
Personally that is only part of the equation.
She is a redhead, and I do so love redheads, with beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile
Ginger 8Ginger 2
Anacani is based in Everett, Washington and takes a mean pic.
Check her Blogspot and Facebook for more pics of Ginger and Kissable Kandie, among others
Ginger 20Ginger 30Ginger 4
Where can you see more you ask?

Ginger Valiant on Tumblr

Ginger Valiant on Model Mayhem

Ginger Valiant on Facebook

Anacani Carrera Photography on Facebook

Anacani Carrera Photography on Blogspot


Ginger 9

Now you may notice that two of these pics have this stupid little blurry thing.


I promise that if you click on the blurry pic everything will become clear to you

And you will be very glad that you did.

Miss Ginger is a lovely woman and I can't thank her. or Anacanci, enough for sharing these pics with me.









Congrats to Skully Diamond– June 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

Posted by John on June 26, 2014

Say hello to Skully Diamond. The June 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month
I wish I could tell you lots and lots about this Swiss cutie.. but I think I just told you all I know. She hasn't published a lot of details yet.
I only have been able find more Skully Diamond on Facebook
Skully Diamond's Facebook Page

Congrats Skully. I'm looking forward to more and more from you.


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