Congrats to Lotte Von W - December 2014 Pinup-Doll of the month

Posted by John on December 20, 2014

Oh what are you doing to me?
You give me this pretty lady to feature as the December 2014 Pinup-Doll of the month and there's zero info on this girlie.. no fan page no website. oh so frustrating. can this really me all there is?

so what does one do when google comes up blank and all you can find is what's on's facebook page?


you post what you have and keep on looking





Ginger Valiant in my mailbox

Posted by John on December 14, 2014

SLR_9464 SLR_9412 I was checking out Edson Carlos' tumblr the other day and came across a pic of Ginger Valiant 
I haven't seen before.
So I dropped her a note and she said she didn't have them yet I had to talk to Edson.
do you see what I go thru to get great pics?


I whip a note off to Daddy Cool his own bad self (I'm pretty sure I am the only one who still calls him that) and he responded with these 4 brank spanking new edits


I don't think these have seen the light of day yet. Ginger may not have them yet either. but I thought I'd share with all of you



Meet Ava Dae Photography

Posted by John on November 18, 2014

When I started this site 6 years ago I met Miss Frenchy St. Claire. She was one of the very first pinups featured here. She used to run a pinup of the month contest that I followed very closely and she sent in a spot to a radio show that I used to be a part of
Fast-forward 6 years and a lot of pinups and now Frenchy is more on the other side of camera and Ava Dae Photography is one of my favorite photography studios.
I asked Melissa, aka Frenchy, to send me some of her favorite shots and I would pick some for a feature. as you can see I had issues limiting my selections
Ave Dae is based out of Newton, Pennsylvania and you can reach them at (215) 431-9209 or . I can think of a number of PA based models that should look them up.
I have to wonder. does starting as a model give you a different perspective as a photographer?
You want more you say?
Ava Dae Photography
Buy Prints Here
Ava Dae on Twitter
Ava Dae on Model Mayhem
Ava Dae on Facebook
Now a word about these last two images.
The one on the left is currently sitting on my desk, in an envelope waiting for a frame.
Melissa sent it to me and I have to say I absolutely love it.
The one on the right is the lady herself. Miss Frenchy St. Claire
She is in Dead Rodz Dollz Pin Up Girl Contest November 2014.. so follow the link
at the bottom of the page there is a box to vote. no registration no BS
so go vote for Frenchy. I know I will be

Congrats to Pearl Blanched–October 2014 Pinup-Doll of the Month

Posted by John on October 28, 2014

I have to admit, I don't know a lot about this month's Pinup-Doll of the Month. She's new to me and now you get to know her too.
Her name is Pearl Blanched and she is from Brunswick, Germany
She says on Pin Up Garage
"Hello Darling! I'm Pearl Blanched from good old Germany. My five favourite things are German beer, candy floss, Oktoberfest, sunny days and schnitzel with fries and ketchup. I live in a small village in the country. At the weekend I like to bake cupcakes or a black forest cake. I hope you like my work. With love Pearl"
The only site I can find for her is on Facebook.


Well thank you once again for running your contest and giving me the chance to showcase yet another pretty girl.



My Favorite Pinups is 6

Posted by John on October 19, 2014

_MG_5461 (1)14485637486_f0df10a1d6_b_MG_6990
Well I just renewed My Favorite Pinups for another year. That means that we are 6 years old today
How better to celebrate than a few pics from my friend Nola Chick.
Nola sent me a few beautiful pics in the mail a couple weeks ago and I was saving them for today. (that's if you want to drop me a note too)
The lovely Miss Nola Chick is 5'7" 36C-26-37 and hails from New Orleans.
A city on my wish list of places that I want to visit, just like Nola Chick is on my list of people I want to meet.
So why My Favorite Pinups do you ask?
well that's pretty easy. I love pinups girls and wants a place to show off the girls I come across and the pics that I love.
Plus it gives me an excuse to looks at pretty girls, talk to them, get signed prints from time to time and occasionally make new friends
If you could wouldn't you?

more Nola Chick:

Her Website

Flickr - tons and tons of pics here

Model Mayhem


Here's to another year