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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Canadian Cutie Holly Harlott

Let me introduce you to Holly Harlott… This Toronto based cutie stands 5’2” and is a very curvy 38F-27-38 and has a BA in cinema and media studies and is well on her way to a Masters in film preservation and collections management
All this and still finds the time to run a website a blog and of course take lots of beautiful pictures
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A Little Ginny Rosewater on Our Anniversary

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Pinups. I find it hard to believe that back on October 19th 2008 I registered this domain and on October 20th 2008 I put the first post on this site. It’s been 9 years now and almost 400 posts. I’ve never been horribly consistent with my posts, I just post when I see something or someone I like
Like this Wisconsin based 5’3” cutie Ginny Rosewater
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Sinical Magazine


Once again.. while surfing around Instagram I found something wonderous to look at. Sinical Magazine has such beauties as Dita Von Teese, Bianca Beauchamp, and Masuimi Max featured as well as some of my favorite photographers such as Danny Stygion and Shannon Brooke
On their instagram they have a link.. it say you can get yourself a free copy simply by signing up for their e-mail list.. so I did
I just love free shit
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Harlean Carpenter Playing Cards?

Yes yes yes it’s indeed true.. I was cruising around Facebook (yes I still use that but not for pinups anymore) and came across a post from Harlean Carpenter. She said that she was setting up a Kickstarter  with a description of…

“Once upon a time...

someone asked if I had ever considered putting my photos on a deck of playing cards. At the time, I had not, but it struck me as something that might be a fun thing to do. 3 years later, it is getting done...”

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