Something special from Bourbon Bettie

Posted by John on February 20, 2015

I've been a huge fan of the female form since I was a kid growing up in the 70's.
Of course I stole my dad's Playboys and the rest of the magazines he tried to hide in his nightstand
(To be honest I don't think he tried to hide them all that hard. love you Pop)
I think I loved the vintage Playboys most of all. the shots were more tease and subtle and just beautiful
Not just the woman, but the whole images that they create.
Bourbon Bettie has been sending me pictures that you can't find on Facebook or anywhere else on the internet. It's taken my a while to figure out the best way to showcase this lovely lady and the pictures that she sent me that so remind me of old Playboys.
So today I give you Bourbon Bettie. I love these pictures
Click Here to read the whole feature
Just a heads up... the rest of the images are Not Work Safe

Unlimited No. 9 Has Hit The Stands

Posted by John on January 26, 2015


Mark Anthony Lacy dropped me a note the other day and let me know he was sending a preview copy of Unlimited No. 9 and as a bonus Unlimited No. 8


At the moment I believe I own every issue of Unlimited and there's a damn good reason.

This is exactly the type of magazine I used to steal from my dad's dresser drawer.. you know the ones he used to hide from mom


Unlimited has pictorials, featuring Mark's photography, vintage ads, feature articles on old movie stars, some risque comics, even a real centerfold.


If you head over to Unlimited's website fork over your paltry $6.00 you can get yourself a downloadable pdf and read it yourself.
Personally. I think Mark take some very beautiful kick ass vintage-style shots and you don't often see this type of composition these days.
If you enjoy this little sample go grab a copy, maybe a couple of back issues
I think with a little nudging Mark would be able to make Unlimited even bigger and better

Another reason for me to visit New Orleans

Posted by John on January 24, 2015

If you've been around this page enough you'll know that I am a huge fan of Nola Chick.
I threaten to show up in New Orleans just so I can take her out for a drink and dancing.
Well now I have another reason to head down there
This smoking hot flapper is Billie Buchanan. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of info about the New Orleans native. She doesn't have a Model Mayhem, or website that I can find
All I know is she's a redhead, she has stunning grey-blue eyes and she has a special relationship with Paperdoll Photography(who took all the pics you see here)
If you head one over to her Facebook page she has a giveaway going on
When her page hits 5000 likes she's giving away a signed print and a Billie Buchanan logo t-shirt
So head on over.. give it a like so I can get my print and a t-shirt
The ONLY place to see more of Billie:
Update: Billie has a website now!
Billie's Website
So enjoy the pics and when there's more info to share you can be sure I'll do another feature

Say Hello to Ja’Nelle Gunn

Posted by John on January 22, 2015

I started following this Victoria, British Columbia cutie because I liked her look and her last name is Gunn.
I'm sure there is no relation at all but there are Gunn's in my family
This 29 yr old navy wifey stands 5'5" and is 34C-26-36.
I love the dark hair and olive skin and those dark eyes just put her over the top
Actually she kinda looks like one of my little cousins
On her Model Mayhem page Ja'Nelle says her "modelling work has started to stray from strictly Pin-Up over the past several months, and am eager to keep up with this trend"
I completely support that. follow your path and see where it leads you. just promise to keep the pics coming


You can see more of Ja'Nelle:

on Instagram

on Model Mayhem

and on Facebook



I saved this pic for last.

I do have thing for sweater girls and shots like this should show you exactly why






Doll House Photography is coming to town

Posted by John on January 19, 2015



I've been following Dollhouse Photography on Facebook for a while now and I just caught that they are headed statesite for a US tour. so pinups if you are near a city that they are coming to. book a shoot.. do it now before all the spots fill up





Here is the schedule so far:

LA and Orange County - May 1-11 @Wonderland Studios OC

Las Vegas - May 12-17 @Lucky Stars Media

Manhattan - August 10-15 - Location TBA

Tennessee - August 16-20 - Location TBA

and Houston August 21-25 @Muse Studios





I think that Dollhouse Photography has an excellent eye for the shot and some seriously superior posing. lighting, and editing skills

I often share their images but I've never featured the studio itself here

Bad bad pinup website owner




Check out Dollhouse Photography:

on Twitter

on Instagram

on Facebook

on their website (some "cheekier" pics here)




If you do book a shoot on their tour, be sure to let me know

Send me images, behind the scenes stuff is great too


Take care