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  • October, 2009
  • everything hits at once

    I know tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of My Favorite Pinups

    and I had a week of my favorites all lined up

    but this weekend we got some bad news

    My dad, affectionately known as Big John, passed away very unexpectedly

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  • September, 2009
  • Guess who is having a birthday?

    <%ThickBox(| )%>

    If you follow My Favorite Pinups you know I spend a fair amount of time over on Pinup Lifestyle

    Desi and Daddy Cool, seen here sporting their very cool Fuck Cancer Bracelets.., get yours here, created the site a year ago trying to build a pinup based community

    <%ThickBox(|Desi sporting her Fuck Cancer Bracelet)%> <%ThickBox(|Daddy Cool sporting his Fuck Cancer Bracelet)%>

    I'd say they succeeded in a grand fashion so


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  • July, 2009
  • a call out to my pinups friends

    <%ThickBox(|FUCK CANCER)%>

    Here's the story...

    I do a radio show called Tommy D's Nutz with an old friend of mine from NY, we've know each other for just about 25 years.

    Recently he got the news he's got cancer

    Not long after his diagnosis we were talking about those rubber bracelets for causes that everyone has and Tom said he was going to pick up one of those "live strong" braclets but it did not express his feelings properly

    I asked him what would

    He said a black bracelet that said FUCK CANCER

    so for his birthday I sent him 25 black on black FUCK CANCER bracelets

    He opened the box on air and we had a blast with it, now we had about a 100 requests for that bracelet

    Listeners, family, friends all wanting their own and we quickly ran out of bracelets.

    Here is where the fun starts...

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  • June, 2009
  • I quit - edited... maybe not

    sorry guys and gals...

    just not feeling it recently


    ok a couple people talked me out of it...

    if you dig it thank my wife, NolaChick and Cherry Laine
  • February, 2009
  • Cherry Laine - All American Pinups

    Some of my regular readers know that there is a group out there called The All American Pinups run by the incomparable Cherry Laine

    Army wife, mother, model and the most hardcore troop supporter I know

    She's made it her mission to personally send out as many care packages as she can each month, she averages about 50, to our men and women serving in the Armed Forces

    She gets her funds from selling her pics (5 bucks a pop boys.. and ALL proceeds go to care packages) and donations

    Well Cherry Laine was on the news

    check it out and go support one of my fave charities

    The All American Pinups

    <%ThickBox(|Fog Images Photography)%>

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