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  • November, 2017
  • Canadian Cutie Holly Harlott

    Let me introduce you to Holly Harlott… This Toronto based cutie stands 5’2” and is a very curvy 38F-27-38 and has a BA in cinema and media studies and is well on her way to a Masters in film preservation and collections management
    All this and still finds the time to run a website a blog and of course take lots of beautiful pictures

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  • October, 2017
  • A Little Ginny Rosewater on Our Anniversary

    Happy Birthday to My Favorite Pinups. I find it hard to believe that back on October 19th 2008 I registered this domain and on October 20th 2008 I put the first post on this site. It’s been 9 years now and almost 400 posts. I’ve never been horribly consistent with my posts, I just post when I see something or someone I like
    Like this Wisconsin based 5’3” cutie Ginny Rosewater

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  • September, 2017
  • Harlean Carpenter Playing Cards?

    Yes yes yes it’s indeed true.. I was cruising around Facebook (yes I still use that but not for pinups anymore) and came across a post from Harlean Carpenter. She said that she was setting up a Kickstarter  with a description of…

    “Once upon a time...

    someone asked if I had ever considered putting my photos on a deck of playing cards. At the time, I had not, but it struck me as something that might be a fun thing to do. 3 years later, it is getting done...”

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  • May, 2017
  • Hello Gina Von Galaxie

    If I had been able to find a pic of Gina Von Galaxie as a pinup nurse this post would have been titled Helllooooooo Nurse!


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  • April, 2017
  • Jenny Cosplay in pics

    I’m pretty new on instagram and one of the first sites I went to follow was DollHouse Photography and then I saw Jenny Cosplay

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