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  • February, 2017
  • I still <3 Melia deMure

    She doesn't post a lot of pics but when she does I fall in love all over again

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  • January, 2017
  • Say Hello to Alana

    I listen to a station out here in Wisconsin, 95 WIIL Rock, and they have a daily spot called the screenshot babe of the day.
    From time to time they get pinup/boudoir pics and occasionally they get pics that I want to share
    This is one of those times

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  • A little Roxy DLite

    I’m married to a very special woman let me tell you.
    She sent me an IM this morning and said she thought I might like this pic

    and yes you can bet I do
    This is Roxy DLite, burlesque queen, producer, photographer and model

    and don’t forget movie star

    You can check her out on:
    Roxi on Facebook
    Roxi's website

    and of course… one of my fave movies
    he Burlesque Assassins



  • Bourbon Bettie is back

    As I finish up formatting My Favorite Pinups with it’s new backend, I thought it only fitting that I take the opportunity to welcome Bourbon Bettie back to the pinup and modeling world.

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  • August, 2016
  • A New Favorite

    I'm lucky to have a wife that feeds into my addictions. Yesterday Anne sent me an uncredited Wednesday Addams cosplay set (first pic in the set) that she found on Facebook
    First off. always credit what you post

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