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  • October, 2008
  • Charlee Sin

    <%ThickBox(|Photo by Michelle Elise)%>

    Today's pinup girl is Charlee Sin

    Her MySpace tag is "The sweetest Sin you will ever know."

    I just found her on myspace and I can't say that I know a lot about her personally.. but her is some more from her MySpace


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  • Vivian Belle

    <%ThickBox(|Vivian Belle)%><%ThickBox(|Vivian Belle)%>

    Vivian is the other half of All American Pinups along with Cherry Lane

    You can find her there and on MySpace...

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  • Frenchy St Claire

    <%ThickBox(|Photo by Nate)%><%ThickBox(|Photo by Nate)%>

    Frenchy St Claire is the owner/operator of Kitten Koffin Zombies, one of the BEST pinup girl sites out there.

    The KKZ calendar is the only one that I actually own and it hangs proudly down in my studio

    Frenchy runs a monthly contest for spots on the calendar

    click here to get your calendar

    now to the good stuff...

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  • Go Go Amy

    <%ThickBox(|Photo by Amber Red Photography)%>

    Go Go Amy hails from Vincent Drambuie's home for Wayward Girls, California, United States and she was one of the first pinup "friends" I had on MySpace

    She teaches pinup class and goes on tour with her burlesque act...

    here is a little snippett from her bio on

    I got my start in New York City as a cigarette girl and I quickly found my way onto a go-go platform at some of the hottest rock and roll clubs in town.

    Go-go dancing quickly led me into modeling.

    I appeared on flyers and ads for almost every band, club and party that I worked for. I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in costume design, keeping my go-go dancing gigs and modeling jobs going to pick up extra cash in between sewing and doing wardrobe on movies and TV shows.

    My love for sewing and for dancing came together when I started doing Burlesque. Finally I could sew ridiculous costumes and the take them off onstage.

    What more could a girl want?!

    Now I live in Los Angeles an I spend my days working as a vintage pin up model and a burlesque starlet.

    I also teach a vintage modeling class called "How to be a Pin Up Girl."

    In the class I teach hair, make up, wardrobe, posing and modeling tricks.

    What I tought would be a simple how-to modeling class has turned into much more.

    I give all the ladies the tools to dress like a bombshell whenever they want and the confidence to feel like one everyday.

    You can catch her at

    and on her myspace

  • The Incomparable Cherry Laine

    <%ThickBox(|Photo by Freeze Frame Photography)%>

    For me there is no better way to kick this off than with one of my fave pinups - Cherry Laine

    Cherry runs All American Pinups and this is from her website

    All American Pinups

    "I am an ARMY wife, mother, model and hardcore troop supporter.

    All donations I receive on this page send care packages and letters to our troops over seas fighting the war on terror.

    The pics I take are also for sale and all the funds from the pics go to care packages and welcome home baskets for our soldiers.

    I have many I have no idea how many I have, lost count a long long time ago.I collect tiki's and love animals ( I have 2 sweet Shih-Tzus )

    I love my country and proud to be an American. I am a conservative republican, and damn proud to be!

    Also please remember that I am HAPPILY MARRIED... so show some respect when leaving comments! Thanks Cherry Lane"

    you can also find Cherry on MySpace -

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