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  • October, 2008
  • Go Go Amy


    Go Go Amy hails from Vincent Drambuie's home for Wayward Girls, California, United States and she was one of the first pinup "friends" I had on MySpace

    She teaches pinup class and goes on tour with her burlesque act...

    here is a little snippett from her bio on

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  • The Incomparable Cherry Laine

    For me there is no better way to kick this off than with one of my fave pinups - Cherry Laine

    Cherry runs All American Pinups and this is from her website
    All American Pinups
    "I am an ARMY wife, mother, model and hardcore troop supporter.
    All donations I receive on this page send care packages and letters to our troops over seas fighting the war on terror.
    The pics I take are also for sale and all the funds from the pics go to care packages and welcome home baskets for our soldiers.
    I have many I have no idea how many I have, lost count a long long time ago.I collect tiki's and love animals ( I have 2 sweet Shih-Tzus )
    I love my country and proud to be an American. I am a conservative republican, and damn proud to be!
    Also please remember that I am HAPPILY MARRIED... so show some respect when leaving comments! Thanks Cherry Lane"

    you can also find Cherry on MySpace -

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