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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Edson does the 4th of July… His Way!

Luna Rae by Edson Carlos 1Luna Rae by Edson Carlos 2Luna Rae by Edson Carlos 3
Got me an e-mail bright and early this morning asking if I wanted a sneak peek at a new set from Edson Carlos, Daddy Cool his own bad self.
My initial thought was HELL YES!!!
So here they are for me and for you


B. Sinclair by Edson Carlos 2B. Sinclair by Edson Carlos 3B. Sinclair by Edson Carlos 1


Edson has always been one of my favorite photographers and I often wonder if he'd like an unpaid assistant to, oh I dunno, carry his stuff, get drinks and generally be able to hang around and see all the pretty ladies he works with


Contrarrie by Edson Carlos 2Contrarrie by Edson Carlos 3

Contrarrie by Edson Carlos 1

Edson is all over the web

Pinup Lifestyle

Edson Carlos




Speaking of pretty ladies.. the pretty lady directly below is the one and only Roxy Tart. My fave jugalette.
and if you have no idea what a jugalette is you better grab a faygo and take a seat and go look it up
Roxy Tart by Edson Carlos 1Roxy Tart by Edson Carlos 3Roxy Tart by Edson Carlos 2

B. Sinclair by Edson Carlos 4


and lastly Edson sent me one last pic all by itself


This one was marked "My Favorite Pinups EXCLUSIVE"


oh I do like exclusives ad being first to show off these fabulous pics

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July



Get Shot by Edson Carlos at VLV


In case you missed it, one of my favorite photographers, Edson Carlos, has a killer shoot set up in "a multi bedroom ultra posh megasuite" and he has 2 slots left.. so you better get a move on


Here is the e-mail I got from the man himself when I asked for the info

I'm bringing my amazing San Francisco team with me to Vegas to a multi bedroom ultra posh megasuite! Once there we're going to be joined by Devin Marie ( who will be on hand for all sessions to provide posing instruction. A not yet released bit of info is that I will have some great wardrobe on hand provided by multiple vendors, including latex & corsets. Have no doubt that we're going to capture some great imagery for the top publications in the Pinup & Alternative worlds. I'm not big into having a bus load of girls shoot in the same set so I'm considering my sessions premium and am limiting the slots to a handful of lucky gals.  I currently have 2 open slots.


FYI: the amazing shots you see here are results from last years Viva Las Vegas shoot with, in order. (links will take you to other pics)

Rosalind Friday

Tifa DeLeone

Xtina Badgirl

Vintage Vandalizm

Kitty Kin-Evil

Darling Danika



Edson Carlos, aka Daddy Cool, takes some of the very best shots out there and if you will be out at VLV you need to take advantage of this shoot.

Here is the link with all the info you'll need:

Edson Carlos sessions in Las Vegas, Saturday April 7 @ Viva Las Vegas!