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  • July, 2009
  • Something just a lil different

    <%ThickBox(|Model: Lil Bit)%> <%ThickBox(|Model: Kia)%>

    I started last night by looking for a noir pinup... it just felt like a noir kinda night

    well after looking at 100's pics over last night and this morning I kinda gave up looking

    (Models.. if you have a noir/femme fatale/detective set drop me a line will ya?)

    so after a fustrating morning I decided to look at my fans list over on Pinup Lifetyle.

    There was something that caught my eye.

    Flat Black Photography had a pic of a previous feature here, Lil Bit

    <%ThickBox(|Models: Auburn Hills, Tim)%>

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  • October, 2008
  • Roy Varga

    I can't say enough about Roy Varga and his team, you'll have to go check it out for yourself

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Roy's Site
  • Freeze Frame Photography

    Freeze Frame Photography is based in Lawton, OK and she is the one who takes those great pics of Cherry Lane from All American PInups

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Freeze Frame's MySpace
  • Tim Hunter Photography

    Tim Hunter is one of my new fave pinup photographers

    He's based out of California, but I won't hold that against him

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Tim's MySpace

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