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  • March, 2010
  • How to make a Kitty purrrrrr

    <%ThickBox(|Kitty Walls)%> <%ThickBox(|Kitty Walls)%>

    One of the very first pinups I featured here was Miss Kitty Walls

    I keep a pretty close eye on her stuff and vote for her in any contest she's running in

    Well a little birdie told me she was participating in one starting today over on Ravage

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  • February, 2010
  • Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent

    it's getting to be that time of year

    Time for the Ink-n-Iron Tattoo & Kustom Kulture Festival aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

    <%ThickBox(|Miss Pinky Sui)%> <%ThickBox(|Miss San Von Zombie)%>

    The best tattoo artists in the world and a series of additional events will make this 2010 festival a hit. There will be 280 artists from 30 States and 25 Countries representing all the tattoo styles pricking away with their machines in an exciting atmosphere, where a car show and music become an integral part of the event, mingling with the artistic expressions of the artists at work. This convention will be both a sort of art gallery and community festival.

    <%ThickBox(|Miss Kelli)%>

    In conjunction with this, Ink-n-Iron run a pinup pagent, sponsored by Stop Staring Clothing

    You can vote for 4 girl on this page

    and I've picked my 4 girls

    <%ThickBox(|Miss Lisa Luxe)%>

    Miss Pinky Sui, Miss San Von Zombie, Miss Kelli, and finally Miss Lisa Luxe

    They can win:

    Prizes for the top 4 girls

    1 - $1500 cash, Pin-Up Queen Title Satin/Embroidered sash +Gift bag

    2 - $800 cash, Pin-Up Finalist Title Satin/Embroidered sash +Gift bag

    3 - $400 cash, Pin-Up Finalist Title Satin/Embroidered sash +Gift bag

    4 - $300 cash, Pin-Up Finalist Title Satin/Embroidered sash +Gift bag

    so between now and May 15th cast your votes for your fave girls

    Click here to go vote


  • August, 2009
  • go vote for Seanna Miriah

    <%ThickBox(|GO VOTE)%> <%ThickBox(|Hannah Combs Photography)%>

    Every year Dean Guitars picks a centerfold girl.

    For the 2009 Dean Girl Centerfold Challenge,

    pinup hottie Seanna Miriah has tossed her pics in the proverbial ring

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  • July, 2009
  • Miss Katrina Darling

    <%ThickBox(|John Beilby)%> <%ThickBox(|Dee TV Studio)%>

    Beautiful People Magazine is running a contest

    and I wanna throw my support to UK cutie, Miss Katrina Darling

    (yes boys and girls.. that IS her real name)

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  • Grace Black - revisited


    well well well... looks like KKZ has one more contest to go

    They are running to see who gets the cover of the 2010 calendar and I already have my girl picked out

    The Massachusetts tattooed cutie is into "silk stockings, high heels, red lipstick, drivin' fast, livin slow and happy, hotrodz, the smell of gas..o..line, fixin stuff, swearin, posin' fer the camera, laughin' loud."

    After the last contest Grace and Lance sent me this kick ass Milltown Ink t-shirt

    I wear it all the time.. THANKS GUYS

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