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  • May, 2009
  • KKZ Miss October Contestant - Lil Bit

    <%ThickBox(|Lil Bit)%> <%ThickBox(|Lil Bit)%>

    It's time for my pick for Miss October in the KKZ pinup contest

    This time aroud I'm pulling for the 5'5" latina spitfire Lil Bit

    She says she's a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that...

    Well I think she's a whole lot of something else

    Check it out...

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  • March, 2009
  • KKZ Miss July Contestant - Wink Holliday

    <%ThickBox(|GO VOTE @ KKZ)%> <%ThickBox(|GO VOTE @ KKZ)%>

    The contest for Miss July is getting ready to kick off over at Kitten Koffin Zombies

    The go around Miss Wink Holliday is in the fray and she's got my vote

    This fellow transplanted New Yorker has a near and dear place in my heart so I'm asking all of you that follow this blog to go show this fine lady your support

    If you choose not to...well you know all us New Yorkers stick together...

    and I know where you live...

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  • February, 2009
  • KKZ Miss April Contestant - Debbie Dagger

    <%ThickBox(|Kitten Koffin Zombies)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Lucky Pinup)%>

    I'll never be able to explain how I pick my KKZ contestant each month

    One never knows what is going to strike me

    This time around it's Debbie Dagger

    A cute red-headed southern gal

    maybe it's the redhead thing.. you all know how much I love them

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  • KKZ Miss March Contestant - Sonja

    <%ThickBox(|Painted Pinups)%> <%ThickBox(|Painted Pinups)%>

    last night on the Tommy D's Nutz Show we picked out girl for the March KKZ Pinup Calendar Contest

    and here she is...


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  • January, 2009
  • KKZ Miss February Contestant - Grace Black

    <%ThickBox(|Photo: The Chop Shop)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo: eyecon photography)%>

    I do so love the KKZ pinup contest, it's really the only one that I follow each and every month

    I follow it enough that I feature my pick of the month here on My Favorite Pinups

    So this month I give you Grace Black as the girlie with my vote for Miss February

    based in Massachusetts this tattoed cutie is into "silk stockings, high heels, red lipstick, drivin' fast, livin slow and happy, hotrodz, the smell of gas..o..line, fixin stuff, swearin, posin' fer the camera, laughin' loud."

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