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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Richard Fuggetta aka Rockabilly Richie

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A couple of days ago I posted a Marilyn Monroe tribute on this site and I posted about it over on Pinup Lifestyle

one of the members there, Rockabilly Richie to be precise, is an artist and he commented that he had just finished a Marilyn Monroe digital painting

so I trot my ass over to his pic area and there it is and in fact it is a digital version of one of my favorite Marilyn pics

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Gil Elvgren

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it's been a while since I have put anything new up here

no real reason except that nothing has really jumped out at me

I suppose I have to wait for the new valentines shots come out

well anyways, My buddy Cherry Laine from All American Pinups got herself a new puppy and the first thing I thought when she sent me a pic was... wow when are you gonna take pics of you and Vixen Valentine (that's the pup's name). A Gil Elvgren shot popped into mind and off I went

I grabbed 22 of my favorite shots and I've been sitting here trying to narrow it down to 8 or 10 shots

Just a note.. all images are from

go show them some love

now listen up before I get my ass sued... I don't own these or claim to

I love this mans work and am showcasing it, and pointing back to where I got the images from

if there are any issues contact me directly

have a nice day and back to the pics

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Mario Chavez

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I'm the first to say that I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and I find it impossible to even color inside the lines

So people with talent like Mario Chavez fascinate the hell outta me

Mario is based in the LA area and his work ranges from the cartoony, to anime/manga (he might not say that but I would), to very realistic

and just about everything in between

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Where were these people when I was growing up

Richie here is from Peekskill NY, not too far from where I grew up

His profile says he's 60 and he says..."i paint scenery for movies,tv,broadway,pin up art, band posters and logos"

well Richie.. I just may have to create a new category here just for you

Artist (and I did just that)

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