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  • February, 2011
  • a pic from London Andrews

    <%ThickBox(|London Andrews|fade)%>a twitter conversation:

    @LondonInAustin London Andrews

    Tell your friends to follow @LondonInAustin in a funny way - and I will add you to my Follow List today!

    @MyFavePinups John S

    you really should go follow @LondonInAustin before I sneak onto your computer and do it for you ;-)

    @LondonInAustin London Andrews

    @MyFavePinups Awwwww... that is CUTE! I am So going to follow you... : )

    you really should go check out her stuff ...

    start here and follow the links

    and she's @LondonInAustin on twitter


  • slight format change

    <%ThickBox(|Marilyn Monroe|fade)%>
    I love doing this blog, but there are only so many hours in a day,

    unlike other sites I don't get submissions (although I get the occasional push in the right direction), I do a fair amount of research looking for who I want to feature, read about the girls and follow the links so you know where to find more.

    each post takes me a couple hours to assemble and I don't always have that kind of time

    so here is my thought...

    I see some great pics over the course of the week, but mostly single pics, When I see one that strikes me I'll share it with you all and cut the full features to once a week

    that'll make 52 girls a year featured and I think I can handle that pace

    today pics were found on The Marilynette Lounge and are from a 1956 press conference where Marliyn's dress strap broke.

    <%ThickBox(|Marilyn Monroe|fade)%>

    note all you modern actresses.. no wardrobe malfunction!

    you don't see her nipples, side boob, under boob, yada yada whatever

    pure decorum and class

    maybe the 1950's were better in their own special way

    well I hope you like the change... lemme know either way


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