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My Favorite Pinups

I do so love Nola Chick



There are days when I just love running this site. The other day I got an unexpected mail from one of my fave of faves Nola Chick
She was first featured here 5 years ago today




Over the years this 5'7" 36C-26-37 New Orleans cutie has been featured several times and we've become friends. I even know her real name and nope I'm not telling




So anyways Nola Chick sends me a bunch of pics, in high res I might add, for use on My Favorite Pinups. I used a few of them for this post and the rest came from her flickr and facebook accounts. When I realized January 8th as coming up I decided to raid her sites and grab a lot of pics.. and yet some how 21 pics just don't seem to be enough







I've always seen Nola as one of those classic Hollywood beauties. Whether it's a simple girl next door shot, a femme fatale, or the fantasy girl. She has a great look to shift from genre to genre and still look like pure class




and of course there is the little smirk that pops up, the "come hither" glance, the pretty smile and of course gorgeous eyes



Get more Nola Chick:
Flickr - tons and tons of pics here


8206412565_1d942698c7_b8207493174_106fbdee8c_b12 (2)


There's one picture that I've always wanted to see of Nola Chick and one day I'll get it and post it here.

Her dressed up for a night on the town in New Orleans and with her is me in my suit and black fedora. Just dinner, cocktails, a stroll through the French Quarter and one spin on the dance floor is all I want


Not too much to ask is it?





  • JonGunnar Gylfason  
    John, lets do it. We have been planing a shoot for some time now but not gotten around to it. And I would rather shoot when it warms up a bit down here.
  • Troy Thomas  
    I have connected with her via Model Mayhem. So looking forward to possibly shooting with her when I am in NOLA next month. She just looks like she will be awesome to work with.

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