just a little love for Backseam Enterprises

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

A while back I came across a twitter user called @MyBackseam (Backseam Enterprises)
I started following them and hitting their Tumblr account

I don't have a nylon or stocking fetish per se, but a lot of the pinups I love best are wearing them

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

from their Twitter

We're Backseam Enterprises, the center of the nylon fetish universe. You can play with stockings & pantyhose lovers around the world at mybackseam.com

pretty straight forward huh... what they aren't telling you is their website is a 750+ member web community of nylon and stocking loving people

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

There are pics, blogs, a forum, pics, a gallery, news, tips, tricks, advice...
oh did I mention pics?

Lisa Norman

Born in the UK and now living in Boston area, Lisa Norman is the President and co-founder of Backseam Enterprises
(side note.. the pics is Lisa in her "favorite bra")
Boston based Nick Danger is the CEO and the other co-founder, no pic of him that I could find...

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

My Backseam on the net:
My Backseam Community
Lisa on Twitter
Lisa on Facebook
Nick on Facebook
Backseam Enterprises on Facebook

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

and a special request... can anyone tell me who the girl is in the picture below?????
I wanna do a feature on her specifically and have no idea who she is

Found on MyBackseam's Tumblr

I'm thinking about joining their website
even though I'm sure I'd look silly in stockings... I sure like to look at other people wearing them ;)

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