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How to make a Kitty purrrrrr

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One of the very first pinups I featured here was Miss Kitty Walls

I keep a pretty close eye on her stuff and vote for her in any contest she's running in

Well a little birdie told me she was participating in one starting today over on Ravage

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from her ModelMayhem Page

I am a simple girl who loves the past !!!

Currently looking for TFP/CD or paid work{contact me for rates} in the Wisconsin or twin cities area.

But would be willing to travel if compensated.

I would love to meet any photographers interested in doing pin-up or retro work and hear their ideas.

Thank You,


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check out her MySpace for more pics and info

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ok it's not complicated...

go to

Click Register (or click this link to get there quick)

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Voting starts March 5th at 12:00am and continues until 11:59 pm on march 14th

That's two weeks of voting... a couple min of your day for 14 days

and I hear the pinup with most votes at the end of the day becomes the first RAVAGE girl

Mark Gerardi will then work with the winner to create the RAVAGE GIRL artwork!



from her

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