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because I said you should

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Desirée from Pinup Lifestyle put out a call and I'd never say to no to Desirée

The member count stands around 5800 and Desirée wants to see 6000 before Viva Las Vegas on April 1.

now this site gets more than 200 views in a day... so if you all head over to the signup page fill out the form Desirée gets her wish

and what do you get?

well with 5800 members there are tons of pics, videos, music, and a forum

and it doesn't cost you a cent
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These are pics of Desirée and the Pinup Lifestyle Madams, the ladies that run the show

Honey B Hooligan, Delyssia LaBelle, NolaChick, Betty Red, Seanna Miriah, and Roxy Tart

and the ladies that give you a talking to if you are especially naughty

<%ThickBox(|Betty Red, Desirée, Roxy Tart)%> <%ThickBox(|Honey B Hooligan)%>

and believe me you don't want them yelling at you

unless you are into that kinda thing

<%ThickBox(|Seanna Miriah)%> <%ThickBox(|Betty Red)%>

Click Here to Sign Up

Remember to use My Favorite Pinups as a referral when you sign up

If enough people mention me I think I get a cookie!



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  • Seanna Miriah  
    Yay Pinuplifestyle! Truly an amazing site. Thanks for posting this my dearest John!

    Seanna Miriah

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