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Harlean Carpenter

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There are times when I look at a picture and think that the imagery itself is almost poetic...

Then I came across Harlean Carpenter who happens to be a pinup AND a poet

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from her My Space

Harlean Carpenter is

a fiction created to create fiction.

Her work is the study

of a theory she once had

about something

she can only vaguely recall.

Whatever she does next

will almost certainly seem like

a good idea at the time.

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Visually, I'm loving her versatility and how she gets into a shot.

The antique looking shots are spot on, straight out of a victorian-era nude postcard

The shots with the feather prop are well setup with all the black against the white skin

and her eyes and expression make for wonderful material

check out her Poetic Pinup Website and you'll get to see a lot more, some safe for work, some NSFW, but all excellent

I wanted to grab a pic from a set called "Pieces Of Pi" that was just a lot of fun

Be sure to peek at the outtake shots as well

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Be sure to hit the "Poem of the Week" page

I was going to post one here, but I didn't want to get in trouble

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here's Harlean's contact info to go see more:

Poetic Pinup Website

My Space

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  • Harlean  
    This is wonderful, thank you so very much :-)

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