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My Favorite Pinups

Jolee Blon'

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I came across Louisiana born Jolee Blon' on MySpace

When I saw her pic I heard "Chantilly Lace" in my head and sure enough she has that on her playlist

The Jerry Lee Lewis version, not the Big Bopper, but I couldn't hold that against her

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from her MySpace

Howdy Y'all and a warm welcome to the Official Myspace Page of Jolee Blon' the Actress, Artist of Classic Striptease, Pin Up Girl and Dixie Darlin'.

Born 'n bred in Metairie, Louisiana.

I love a good ol' rowdy honky tonk, dancin' the two step, eatin' Cajun cookin' and don't forget that homemade moonshine, fellas...!

We call it White Lightnin' back home and if you're a George Jones fan you know what I mean!

But I always had big dreams of heading west to become a Movie Star and Burlesque Showgirl in Hollywood.

So in 2008, I packed up and left the Bayou behind for the City of Angels.

Lotta times people ask me what a simple country gal is doin' in the glitzy world of Burlesque.

To that I say country and burlesque go together like Willie Nelson to a doobie.

Southern dames have always loved rhinestones and fringe!

Just have yerself a look at the Western creations designed by Nudie the Rodeo Tailor!

My work and my life are inspired by Burlesque and Movie Starlets of the 1920's - 1950's.

Especially the silver screen era of the '30s.

My performance style is influenced most by Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Carole Lombard, Hedy Lamarr, Sally Rand, Dian Rowland and the Ziegfeld Girl era of Burlesque.

Hope you enjoy a peek into my world!

If you'd like to see my pictures, please add me as your friend.

You can also find me at or type in my Model Mayhem # 841978 and I'm now on Facebook!

For inquiries, please contact me directly at

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Here's where you can find Jolee Blon' around the web


Model Mayhem

Her website (not live yet)

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I must be in a Marilyn mood this week... Jolee channel's Marilyn is a number of her shots

Particulary the call back to Marilyn's Chanel no.5 Ad, which hung as a poster in my room for several years

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and you'll notice several shots in a red swimsuit... well that ain't no swimsuit boys it's body paint

wonder who the lucky bastard was who got to paint it on and how can I steal his job

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  • Jolee Blon-  
    Hi John! I just wanted to thank you so much for putting me on your site today. I'm humbled. It came as a pleasant surprise :-) I hope you'll keep in touch! ~Jolee~
  • John  
    the pleasure was all mine darlin :-)
  • Jolee  
    The Chanel No. 5 Ad is still hanging in my room :-)
  • John  
    when I left for college my mom redecorated my room.. and buh bye poster

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