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My Favorite Pinups

Staci Louise

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I gotta tell ya honestly I don't know a lot about this girl and I don't have a lot of pics but I think she is damned adorable in some shots and a complete hollywood beauty in others

She 5'1" and from LA and does burlesque under the pseudonym "Bear Bottoms"

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from her Model Mayhem Profile

Thanks for coming to my page! I'm Staci Louise, I'm an aspiring pinup model, burlesque performer and glamour girl! I have LOTS of ideas, great wardrobe, and I create fabulous accessories and outfits!

I have much experience in hair and beauty, and I've shot a variety of different looks. Currently I'm focusing on building my portfolio to express the pinup, burlesque, retro glamour look I love!

Please message me for contact info! If you'd like to set up a shoot, please provide as much information as possible about your idea, mua/hair/stylist available, date, traveling, etc. I am also my own makeup artist and very close to a top hairstylist

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I love that her look on the glamour shots come off as total 1940-1905's Hollywood

and it reminds me of some of the studio promo pics that used to come out

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and then in the next series of shots she comes off as a pinup cutie that you just wanna take home to meet mom

and hope dad doesn't try to steal ;-)

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Keep an eye on this girlie

Pinup Lifestyle

Model Mayhem


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now I don't usually include non-pinup shots but I had to show you this one

check out her eyes... awesome



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