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This is not a Pinup Related Post

But read it anyways

Do you know these people??

Storm's Cellar: Un-Wise

Everyone should go read this... Anne and I do a fair amount of charity related stuff (IE FUCK CANCER bracelets and donation to Shriner's Hospital) and even though we didn't get hit by these people some of you might have... either way you should read about these "people" and pass it along to your friends. Folks like this need to be stopped, arrested, jailed, and, if it was legal, publicly flogged.

My experience with pinup related people tells me that if someone is in need you do your best to help them out

These people, The Wise's, take advantage of that generous nature and use it for their own personal gain

and that pisses me off to no end.

read the full article on my wife's blog

Storm's Cellar: Un-Wise

repost it where you can...

let's do our best to stop these fucktards and those like them


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