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Kit Karson

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I've been known to hang out in the Pinup Lifestyle Chatroom

It's a good place to just shoot the shit with people who the same interests

anyways... I started talking to Kit Karson and thought she was a complete blast to talk to and after a bit I went to check out her profile

I think she's adorable and thought I'd share

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from her Model Mayhem


I am most interested in CHEESE CAKE, TIKI, CAR and MOTORCYCLE, ROCKABILLY, TATTOO and MODERN RETRO style modeling. I love the classic styles and eras of the 1920's-1950's. My professional inspirations are the great Mary Pickford, Anita Page Jean Harlow & Marilyn Monroe. I hope to gain contacts and work through the use of this site. I love being a Pin Up being classy, beautiful and, quirky! I am easy going and fun to work w/ I love life and love what I do!


-I'm currently avail for TFCD and TFP as I am looking to expand my portfolio but this is only w/ select photographers. However please do not hesitate to ask as I am always open to new ideas. I do NOT shoot nudes!

-If you plan on selling ANY of my images I do require to be paid

- If you plan on selling or publishing my photos paperwork is also necessary.

Sorry guys and dolls but its only fair to me. Thats pretty much it.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me by email.


I have a number of tattoos. I have two swallows a nautical star and banner on my lower back. Two small Haida designs (Pacific NW totem pole) on my shoulder blades. And a half sleeve on my left arm of Sailor Jerry's Indian Girl. They're all done in old traditional style tattoo design.


I normally only work in the Chicago area but depending on the job I may be willing to travel if expenses are paid. I am most interested in doing print work at this time but may be open to other things. I am REALLY interested in working w/ a photographer who wants to do an ALPHONSE MUCHA Art Nouveau shoot so if anyones interested lets do it!!!

Happy Trails!!

and thanks for stopping in!



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Of course I had to post a pic she had posted of her posing in a Star Trek uniform... a sci-fi geeks wet dream indeed

I'm not a huge fan of the western shots normally, but Kit's attitude plows right on thru it and makes me dig her shots

That million dollar smile kicks ass

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Check out Kit on the web

Kit's Website

Pinup Lifestyle

Model Mayhem

if you wanna chit-chat with Kit you just might find her in the Pinup Lifestyle Chatroom

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and I hear she's working on a rope trick.. can't wait



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  • Beth  
    She does have the sweetest smile. I really love the peacock feathers and the white girdle, but the salon shot is the best. ready for a zine.

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