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My Favorite Pinups

Perhaps you're wondering...

hey John.. where the hell are the girlies???

well let me tell ya.. after fighting with mysql and my host for the better part of a week to get the site running again I get a mail from my host telling me that they are moving my sites to a new server with all these new bells and whistles and all that happy horse shit.

now they didn't give me a firm date but it should be sometime this week, and they'll give me a couple hours warning

gee thanks...

as a result I decided to take the time to make a nice clean full backup of all my data so when they mess it up.. oops I mean IF they mess it up I have valid up to date data to restore up to them...

I have some stuff planned in the coming weeks, including a new set from Roxy Tart, some love for my newest fave photographer Ryan Armbrust from Sniper Photo, a feature on Miss Kitty Pratt and maybe a new section on my favorite places to buy stuff for the ladies in my life like Pinup Girl Clothing and Kuhmillion Lingerie

if you want to keep in touch with me you can catch me on



Pinup Lifestyle

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