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I was in NY this past weekend picking up my dad's car... my mom wanted to give it to my oldest daughter after my dad passed away last october.

When I got home I trotted over to Lost Soul Studio to get some work done

This was my first time with this guy

I was never quite happy with my pinup girl tattoo and thought I'd get it touched up to fix some errors in the previous guys work... the original artist has been MIA for quite some time

The shading was off, the face needed some work and some of the lines were missing bits

<%ThickBox(|Bass Clef|fade)%>

so I was in the chair getting 2 new tattoos and the touch up... it took from 10am till after 6pm

Chris @ Lost Soul Studio

He totally reworked my pinup and made her pretty

He did a bass clef on my inside left wrist and most important to me designed a tribute tattoo for my left arm.


My dad was my best friend and I miss him a lot, being in NY for even a brief period of time freshened his death right up, and driving to Wisconsin in his car all alone gave me time to think way too much.

Me and Pop spent a lot of time hanging out, playing pool, drinking coffee and talking. He had a black fedora he wore all the time.

So I tell this to Chris, tell him I want a pool cue a cup of coffee and of course the fedora. I even gave him the hat itself to use as source material

He came up with a great concept and I let him go to town, he chose the colors and the layout I honestly didn't even look at it after the rough sketch.

Chris even took the time to ask me how Pop took his coffee (light no sugar.. milk.. never ever creamer) and he mixed a color and showed it to me before he put it on.

I love this guys work and will be going back soon for him to start on my back piece and if you are in the area.. look him up.

Check out Chris' work


Lost Soul Studio

407 High Street

Racine, WI, 53402

Phone: 877-465-6288



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