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Adrianne Curry

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I couple of the boards I hang out on give Adrianne Curry a lot of shit for being an "attention whore" blah blah and all that shit

So what she's done a couple reality shows and married a Brady(his name is Christopher Knight by the way)

When I used to do a show on a social broadcasting network called NowLive with my friend Tommy D, Adrianne Curry had her show in the slot before us.

There were plenty of times when she would call into Tommy's show and just hang out and shoot the shit with us

I found her to be engaging, silly, funny, and a complete trip

She may not remember the experience, but I do

She's a celebrity that enjoys hanging out with people and having a good time.

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I still follow her on twitter, myspace, facebook, and other media

She was in Milwaukee recently and I heard her and Chris do an interview on a local radio station

The two of them appear to have a great relationship and have a lot of fun together

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now you may ask why did I put her on a pinup site?

well I believe she has a fair amount of pinup style shots, if not actual pinup shots

She's versatile and funny and that feeds in to how I see a good pinup

She rather pretty, great eyes, and a kicker smile

plus it's my site and I can do what I want to

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She's a total sci-fi chick and I love that in a woman

If you hit her myspace or facebook you'll see her at conventions and halloween dressed as Princess Leia, Leeloo, Wonder Woman and other characters

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I think that the media outlets busting her chops for being herself need to leave the girl alone.

She's an over the top person who speaks her mind, does what she feels and has a blast doing it.

Sit back and enjoy the ride with her

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Check her out yourself:




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If you wind up seeing this Adrianne thanks for hanging out with me and Tommy D on Tommy D's Nutz, it was a blast and we miss NowLive sometimes





  • Acrobatic Flea  
    Well said!
  • Roxy Tart  
    Adrianne is awesome! I've loved her since she won ANTM. I agree John, the haters should leave her alone. She's beautiful and just seems to be living her life to the fullest. Good for her!

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