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More Roxy Tart

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ok there is no way around it... I <3 Roxy Tart

She a fucking trip to talk to

She changes her hair color like I change my jeans

She's a juggalette (look it up if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

but on top of that she's a real person, honest, brash, up front and damn pretty

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from her Pinup Lifestyle Page

Little bit psycho, little bit rocka, all white trash. Mix with vintage glam and a whole lotta glitter!

I'm a rockabilly juggalette with a big heart and a bad temper who loves everything creative. I'm into home decorating, collage art, fashion design, hair styling, and outrageous make up. I'm the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy, and can't think of a better job to have!


Transformers, and most other 80's cartoons


Crazy hair colors

Drag Queens!


Rude people

Cookie cutter style


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I met Roxy in the chatroom over at Pinup Lifestyle chatroom

and had a blast talking to her

Roxy is one of the madams at PL.. and she'll spank ya silly if you get out of line

or if you ask nice... right TC?

Little known fact.. Roxy was a pro wrestler

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a word about TC, the PL photobomber, seen here a little ways up the page, you are one lucky bastard and don't forget it

that's all the blog time you get TC

In her pics Roxy exudes confidence, you can just see an attitude of "This is who I am, like it or get the fuck out"

I love that in a woman

When I was talking to Roxy the other day about the parasol pics she said she loves being naked

and darlin we love you that way too

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Check Out Roxy online:

Pinup Lifestyle Page



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I feature a fair amount of people on this site, but there are only a few I'd really want to hang out with in real life

Roxy is one of them

someday I'm gonna meet her face to face

knock back a few drinks and take her for a spin on the dance floor





  • Betty Red  
    We love Roxy too! :-D
  • Roxy Tart  
    John, that is the sweetest thing anyone has every written about me! One day, we will totally meet, and I'm counting the minutes till we do.



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