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My Favorite Pinups

Tessa LeTaunt

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Tessa LeTaunt is a 5'4" doll hailing from Texas and currently based out of Kansas City Missouri

Plenty of times I have no idea why a girls pic catches my attention and I never argue with it.

Her model mayhem says she does cheesecake, pin up, fetish, swim suit and is open to just about anything else

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from her Pinup Lifestyle profile

After emerging from my little "goth phase" in high school, my love for black hair dye needed something else to move on to.

Cry baby was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

Traci Lords was a total fox as Wanda, and she alone shaped my interests in all things feminine.

I loved her style, her spunk, and above all else; her hair.

I gathered the guts when I was 16, and hacked off my bangs in inspiration.

They were short, blunt, and to the point, but since my hair was black rather than blonde like Traci's, my final result was the iconic Bettie Page hairstyle that I currently rock today.

Growing up in Texas, I was surrounded by southern music.

I couldn't stand a larger percentage of it, but grew fond of the likes of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Aaron Elvis Presley.

I still listen to the classics and keep an ear out for those that thrive to keep rockabilly music alive.

These things, plus a few other personal loves, interests, and experiences helped to mold my adoration toward the Pin Up lifestyle.

As far as burlesque goes, I can honestly say I can recollect my very first exposure to the art.

It was 2003, and I was watching The Sharon Osbourne Show. Marilyn Manson was being interviewed when a clip of his then girlfriend, Dita Von Teese was shown performing at the Osbourne's New Years Eve party.

I had known of her far before this point, but had only ever assumed she was merely famous thanks to her significant counterpart.

I had performed ballet for six years up until a year before having been introduced to the art of the tease, and to see her perform en pointe sparked my enthusiasm and inspired me to dig deeper into the history of burlesque.

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I found myself loving the attention of cameras, and began to pursue my dreams of Pin Up modeling as well as modeling for local clothing designers on the runway.

Shortly after, I took on an independent burly-q career and began providing tasteful adult entertainment at parties.

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Looking at her pics I find myself drawn to the simple things.

She got great eyes, very expressive and green :-)

the line of her cheek draws your eyes from hairline to chin so very easily

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The pics I selected are but a few that I found scattered across the net

I think she needs her own website to keep em all in one place

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You can find Tessa all over the web:

Pinup Lifestyle


Model Mayhem


Deviant Art

Live Journal

You Tube

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  • Beth  
    Such a cute face and adorable nose. She has the right mix of projected innocence and sex appeal. Cute!

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