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My Favorite Pinups

Boudoir Louisville

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Earlier this week I did a feature on Roxy Tart

Some of this pics were taken by this man, Ryan Armbrust from Boudoir Louisville

I was impressed enough my the pics he took of Roxy that I had to find out more

When I was more I decided he was my new favorite photographer

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from his Pinup Lifestyle

Boudoir Louisville specializes in unique Boudoir and Pinup photo shoots. We are part of Sniper Photo LLC.

This type of shoot is also perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. Honestly, can you think of a BAD time to give this sort of thing to the person you love? Yeah, I can't either!

Our studio is located at 414 Baxter Ave. in the highlands area of Louisville.

Visit us online for our up to date portfolio as well as contact and booking info.

We are just a hop skip and a jump from Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and Lexington. Don't let a short car ride stand in the way of a great photo shoot!

We LOVE shooting Classic Pinup style shots. Our studio is packed full of vintage and retro props to make your Pinup shoot something truly unique. We are Louisville's premiere Pinup Photographer. Our Pinups have been published internationally. Want to be Boudoir Louisville's next Pinup Girl? Visit out main website for more info.

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Boudoir Louisville is based out of Louisville, Kentucky and I gotta tell you

I spent two solid days going thru the entire site looking at pics and grabbing the ones I liked

When I started writing this post today there were over 50 images in my scratch directory and I have a helluva time limiting it to the 10 you see here

It took a couple hours and I shuffled my pics at least a dozen times

even now I think I should switch a few

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His pics are clean and crisp, the setups highlight the girls and all their assets

Some of the set are inside some outside, and the outside sets are just beautiful

Dairy Del and the drive in are just two examples

The in house sets are very cool too like the bedroom set

The pics on the stark white backdrop qualify as "OH MY!"

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lots more pics to be seen out there:

Boudoir Louisville Main Site

Boudoir Louisville Blog

Sniper Photography Main Site


Pinup Lifestyle

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of course the last pic in this series had to be Desirée from Pinup Lifestyle

just looking at the images that this guy captures make me want to drive down to Louisville

give him a hug and say thank you man





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