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My Favorite Pinups

Marilyn Monroe

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Let me tell you a little bit about my very first crush.

When I was just a kid, sometime in the early-mid 70's, I saw a movie called "Some Like It Hot"

I saw only 6 or 7 years old and I just fell in love with this very funny, very pretty lady on my television

I wanted her to be my girlfriend and give her a kiss

My mom told me later that Marilyn Monroe died on August 5th 1962, 6 years before I was born.

The first two images in this set are the very first two pictures I ever owned and hung on my wall for years

and, believe it or not, I still have them

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I don't see a reason for me get into the details of her death, many other people before me have done that and still do that.

For me today is a reason to give pause and look at some pictures of someone I never met and yet still care for deeply.

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The images I give you today are but a small portion of a personal collection culled from the interweb over a number of years and they represent some of my favorites

To me Marilyn Monroe wasn't always about her sex appeal, or her body. It was the vulnerability she projected, and expressiveness in her face and eyes

I'm always amazed that she can look so sad in some shots, and so playful in the same pictorial.

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Over the years people around me have always gifted me with posters, images, magazines and videos of Marilyn

When I was in my early teens my father bought me a blonde on blonde Fender P-Bass that I promptly named Marilyn, and I decorated the inner case with postcards and images of Marilyn Monroe.

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I've tried to pass my love of Marilyn Monroe on to my children, showing them the same movies that my mother showed me.

My youngest has claimed my "ballerina" picture as her own.

The pic she is referring to is the second picture up top of this post, Marilyn in a white dress

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I going to close this post by saying...

Dear Marilyn Monroe,

Thank you for sharing your on screen and off screen life with me

I wish you well and hope you found the peace you sought after and rightly deserve.


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  • NolaChick  
    John, check out the book &quot;The Marilyn Monroe Treasures&quot;. You'll love it!

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