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My Favorite Pinups

Richard Fuggetta aka Rockabilly Richie

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A couple of days ago I posted a Marilyn Monroe tribute on this site and I posted about it over on Pinup Lifestyle

one of the members there, Rockabilly Richie to be precise, is an artist and he commented that he had just finished a Marilyn Monroe digital painting

so I trot my ass over to his pic area and there it is and in fact it is a digital version of one of my favorite Marilyn pics

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I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that he is working on a book called Garage Dolls (several images in this post are from the preview) and as of February 19 out of 30 images are really to roll.

oh and he paints scenery for movies,TV, Broadway, pin up art, band posters and logos

and murals.. don't forget murals

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If you've been around for a while you might remember a feature I did on Richie back in December of 2008

The artist category on My Favorite Pinups was created for that post.

and here I am a year and a half showing off this mans talent once again

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What I really like about Richie's work is the ability to not on recreate a photo digitally, but to add his own artistic touch

the colors are vivid, the lines are crisp where they need to be and soft where called for

and in the Marilyn pic he captures vulnerability in her eyes

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You can check out his work yourself at:

Pinup Liefstyle


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and yes this is a pic of the man himself

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Yo Richie.. how about catching some coffee next time I come home?





  • Wink Holliday  
    You and Richie are a couple of my Most Favorite People I Haven't Yet Met. Maybe I should head back east the next time you do!
  • John  
    someday Wink :-)
  • Gary  
    Nice Rich, I like the garage girl!

  • Frank  
    Hey Richie love your work keep it coming. I saw all the little ones last week. What a blast. See you next time I get to N.Y.
  • Bonnie  
    Hey Richie, Your work and your talent never fails to amaze me. I love all your women.
  • Richie  
    Thank you John. Very much appreciated. Next time your back in NY we definitely have to get together. And Wink you know you're my favorite gal.

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