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Brittany Jean

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Cruising around Pinup Lifestyle the other day I came across a pic by Tuck that just struck me (it's the last picin this set)

I dropped a note to Edson, aka DaddyCool, and asked who the model was.

now don't get me wrong, Tuck took a kick ass pic, but the model is what jumped out at me

Edson said, "Thats Brittany Jean, she's an amazing doll!"

and I have to agree... so I thought I'd share

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from her MySpace

I am a model, designer, and artist.

I am serious about modeling. It's my passion, my dream, my complete obsession. Being in front of the camera is what I live for, and the only thing that makes sense. I do not have a "back up" plan because I don't plan on being successful elsewhere. I am currently represented by Pinnacle10, EMG, and Wings Model Management.

I am the owner of Sidhe Designs, a costume and fashion design business. Together with my best friend, Anna, we create unique couture designs for costumes, everyday wear, and special events.

I am the type of girl who can find the beauty and positive side of any situation. I think people are good in general, and everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves. I am always thinking, always creating something.

I may come off as sweet and innocent, but trust that I'm no baby doll. I know more than you think; I know everything that's going on -- I'm just trying to figure out if you do.

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There is a classic beauty about Brittany Jean

Old world Hollywood glamour and classic pinup in one package

I could easily see her in a 40's chorus or painted on the side of a plane

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In case you're wondering, or follow these kinds of things here are this cutie's vitals

She stands 5'9" before heels

and is 32-25-34

oh and she's 22 years old

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Not just a pinup model, Brittany Jean does all kinds of modelling and her first pro shoot was in 2006 for a line of All American Made Apparel

in 2009 she got the cover of Roto-Rooter's coffee table book, "Chilling Tales from the Porcelain Seat".

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Here's where you can find out more


Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem - Pinup

Official Website

Pinup Lifestyle

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so there you have it... I encourage you to check out her sites and make it a point to follow her around

There is a good chance you'll be seeing her again.

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