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My Favorite Pinups

Vanessa Vixen

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I don't spend a lot of time on twitter and honestly I'm surprised anyone listens to what I have to say up there.

Sometimes I just cruise around and look at people posts (sorry I refuse to use "tweet") and check out the pics

Sometimes I get lucky and a pic knocks me flat

Just a little while back Vanessa Vixen posted an old school sneak peek pic with in a pose reminiscent of the original femme fatate and Vamp herself, Theda Bara

(here is a link to the pic itself...Vanessa Vixen on plixi

I just had to go check out more of this 5'2" beautiful redheaded pinup girlie

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Model Mayhem

I'm an established professional pinup,fetish & alt.model based in Orange County CA.

I specialize in vintage glamour & cheesecake photography.

While this is my specialty I am capable of many styles.

I'm Russian/German with a pinch of Genoese Italian.

I have an obsession with lingerie,vintage fetish photography & the work of Elmer Batters,Ellen Von Unwerth, Helmut Newton and Mario Testino to name a few.

I LOVE meeting and working with new people,and love to shoot with other models,I'm goofy and talk a lot smile

If you are interested in collaborating please inquire for rates,they vary on a project to project basis and are reasonable and flexible.

I will shoot trade if: I really dig your idea(enhances my portfolio),for tear sheets,if there is a clothing/wardrobe designer involved or latex smile

Tattoos:Poison heart on back of neck and roses and skull piece on right side of back,more to come.

Piercings:Navel & ears;ears stretched to a 0 gauge(Both removable)

Corseted Waist:19"

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I'm telling ya I just can't get enough of a curvy woman, and Vanessa has all the right curves in all the right places.

Equally beautiful as a brunette or a redhead, tho I'll admit to digging the redhead more... I have a thing for them you know.

The style doesn't matter either, old school, noir, fetish, cheesecake this gal can run em all

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Here is where you can see more of this



Vanessa's Blog


Pinup Lifestyle

Model Mayhem

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You can bet I'll be checking out more of this girlie to see where she goes from here



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