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It's Ms. Niki Day!!

Ms. Niki's Blurbs from MySpace
About me:
Hi There! I have been modeling for a little over a year now, but have been wearing the pin up style for a while now.
I am always interested in building my portfolio, so if you are interested in working with me, send me a message.
I am mainly interested in doing pin up shoots, but will concider other shoots if I feel the idea is interesting or would improve my portfolio.
I am partial to pin up, artistic nudes, glamor, and occasional gothic photoshoots.
Please contact me for my rates.
I will do TFCD or TFP if the photoshoot is within my area of interest.
As a recent transplant to Oklahoma City, I am looking to build contacts in the area.
Check out, I will be in my first calendar this year as Ms. Feb

Now let's talk about Ms. Niki
I've known her for a while now and had the chance to talk to her fairly recently
(She just returned from Turkey)
You wanna talk about a sweetheart? well IMHO She is a complete doll and I'm glad she hit me up when I was looking at who to push in the KKZ contest that month
I consider her one of my friends and you should hit her MySpace and make her your friend too
She's another KKZ gal and I do love that calendar so go get one


She loves her animals and has a Master Degree in Museum Studies (that MUST be why she looks so good as my naughty librarian)
Her hubby Erik is on active duty and she's doing her bit to support the troops
Check this out...
Well, I was wondering if you would consider sponsoring me for add space on a t-shirt that i am going to be on. Donations go to support the troops. The company is Kustom Kulture clothing they have a myspace page and can be found in my friends. Would you be interested? I need to find 10 sponsors at $75 Each to get my shirt done. The add space would be for a 2 by 4 inch spot or double the space for $150.
Thanks for considering it!
Ms. Niki

Here is what I know:
Each model is required to get sponsors equaling $750. The money will go directly to the cost of the art design and the printing of 100 shirts.

Each shirt will be sold for $20 on our website. The $20 will be broken down as such:

Homes for our Troops - $5
You the model - $5
The Company - $5
Admin cost (having everything added to the website, etc.) - $5

At the end of each month following, for as long as we carry the tee's, the money will be sent to those listed above.

Anyone wanna go in with me?

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  • Frenchy St Claire  
    Yeah! Ms. Niki. Love what you are doing supporting the troops! I hope very soon i can donate!! Your beautiful!

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