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Darkside Photography

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Since starting this site I've noticed that my personal defination of "pinup" as broadened

not changed... just expanded

I picked Darkside Photography a while ago on twitter and was very impressed with his work with the lovely Ludella Hahn

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from his website

My name is Ti and I am the owner/photographer of Darkside Photography.

I specialize in Tattoo, Modified, Fashion, Glamour and Boudoir, photography.

I also do promotional work for Tattoo Studios, Bands, Models, autos, motorcycles, and companies.

I am just as comfortable photographing children, couples, families and portraits as well.

My photography style is somewhere between artsy, edgy, and emotional.

I find it very hard to define my style, because my inspiration changes with every session, I strive to let the subject “speak” via the images, rather then force my vision onto my subject. When doing work for paying customers, my primary goal is provide images that are a window to the personalities of the subjects.

The only exception to this is when I do “Projects” (Calendars, Books, Art Series work), in which case I am trying to convey, or communicate something specific, in those cases I choose models whose personalities fit the project.

For more information on myself, my work and my pricing, please see my blog, and feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

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The pics that you'll see on Ti's website range from pinup to glamour and beyond

way way beyond.

He has some wonderful images that fall deep into the horror/fetish genre

I personally find all his work to be well composed, well shot, and I love his creativity

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places to find Darkside Photography all over the web

Darkside Photography on Tumblr

Darkside Photography on Moday Mayhem

Darkside Photography's website

Darkside Photography on Flickr

Darkside Photography on Twitter

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I saved this pic for last... because it's just so damn adorable



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