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My Favorite Pinups

Original Sin Undies and Pin Up Parties

Talk about an idea...


Original Sin Undies is a vintage-inspired lingerie shop in Danville California

from her MySpace
"I own a lingerie shop in the California Bay Area called Original Sin.
We specialize in vintage-inspired lingerie, pin-up art, coffee table books, and handmade jewelry.
I am inspired by beautiful things from times passed.
My favorite things are family heirlooms, old photographs, and sailor's tattoos.
I like things that have a story to tell....."

now that in itself is enough to gain my interest
(especially when I'd love for my wife to do a lil pinup stuff myself)
She took it a couple step beyond that
Theses days there is a veritable plethora of home-based party things for people, yes targeted mostly at women
PartyLite, Tupperware, TAC, Pampered Chef, etc etc...

Well Original Sin went and did Pin Up Parties
DAMN I want one of those out here

from her MySpace
"Wondering what to do for Girl's Night Out?
Let Original Sin host your Pin Up Party!
With professional wardrobe styling, makeup and photography, we will transform you and your gal pals into retro glamour girls!
Your party will include:
2 wardrobe changes
and your 2 favorite images re-touched and printed as 5X7's on high-quality photo paper.

We can accommodate 3-8 girls in an evening.
Pin Up Parties are hosted by and located at Original Sin, in the heart of Downtown Danville.
Pin Up Parties may be booked Thursdays through Sundays, at least one week in advance.
Pin Up Parties are held in the evenings, after store hours to guarantee privacy.
We only work with female staff to maintain the comfort level of the participants, and we adhere to the highest level of professionalism.

Original Sin is the only shop in the area that offers an experience like a Pin Up Party.
Women who participate not only get a great boudoir-style photo shoot, but they also get the camaraderie and support of their closest friends.
A Pin Up Party is a wonderful way to bond with friends as well as gain self-confidence, give love lives a boost, and maybe even fulfill a fantasy or two.
At Original Sin, we strive to give more than what is expected.
We sometimes surprise even ourselves with the transformations that take place at our Pin Up Parties.
Bringing out the best in women is extremely rewarding, and knowing that we may have revitalized relationships, and that we definitely have strengthened friendships is worth every effort that we have made to bring Pin Up Parties to life. "

Now I won't post pics from any of the parties without permission.. but let me tell you they ladies look fucking AWESOME!!!!

Click the banners to check both sites out



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