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My Favorite Pinups

Happy Birthday to me

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Well today's the day...

I don't feel 43 let me tell ya.. most of the time I'm about 12 mentally

yea there's some gray in the beard a touch in the hair and the body isn't quite up to getting outta bed in the morning

but for the most part? I still think I'm 25

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now since I promised, here are a couple Cave Girls videos... and 60 seconds of horniness

the guys at Creepy Kofy Movie Time do a great job of keeping the spirit of USA Up All Night, Elvira, and Joe Bob's Drive-in alive and well

Check em out Here

Find out more about the Cave Girls on Twitter and MySpace

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Scarlet von Harlot on MySpace

Scarlet von Harlot on Twitter

Scarlet von Harlot on Pinup Lifestyle

Scarlet von Harlot on Model Mayhem

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and so ends my week of Scarlet von Harlot

I hope you had a good time checking out the pics and I have to thank Scarlet for putting all these pics out there for me to cop and share with you.

I'm off to celebrate my birthday... have a great weekend


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