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My Favorite Pinups

Kitty Walls


Today I give you Kitty Walls
Kitty is from the west coast now living in exile in the land of ice, snow, cold and cheeseheads...
I can relate
Kitty lives a few hours away from me in WI these days...


and even with the weather working against her, she stays a bright spot
I know she participates in car shows out here in WI, but I haven't made it up to one yet
She's a KKZ contest winner, Lucky Lemon winner, A Cherry Girl, a Cherry and Olive contest winner and so many more
I vote for her in just about ANYTHING she's in
plus... she actually reads my myspace blog and took the time to ask about my daughter after her last surgery

now that's a sweetheart

Check out her MySpace... there is a great pic of Kitty and LEMMY!!!!

<%ThickBox(|Art by AnnaCas)%>




  • AnnaCas  
    Kitty Walls is a so super cute.
    She is a real PinUp!
    Cute, sensual, funny... and the most important thing, .. she is original!

    lots of kisses, AnnaCas
  • John  
    I'm right there with ya Anna
    love love love kitty walls

    I'm sure I'll be putting her up here again
  • chris  
    Very classy lady, I always vote for her in the contests. Way to go Ms. Walls, keep on killin it!
  • Tenayah Sioux  
    I agree with you folks, Kitty is beautiful and such a sweetheart. Way to go Kitty! Keep up the good work!
    xoxo, Tenayah Sioux
  • Rocket 88  
    She is an amzing person inside and out !
  • Frenchy St Claire  
    Love Kitty! She is such a doll. Keep up the fabulous work!


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