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My Favorite Pinups

My Love to Roxy and TC



Take a couple days off from Twitter and the internet and what happens?
One of my very favorite pinups and my absolute fave jugalette gets hitched to a guy I now consider one of the luckiest bastards out there


Yes indeed the very lovely Miss Roxy Tart married That Cat In The Hat (TC for short)

I dug deep and pulled out some pics from 2009 of the happy couple from Roxy's PL Profile







My best to Roxy and TC

Desidero per voi tutta la felicità di questo mondo

Vi auguro cent'anni di felicità insieme

Now do me a favor. go check out Roxy Tart's Facebook Fan Page

Like it and show the bride some love!

Now TC.. get to work

Un Bacio Per La Sposa!!!

Un Bacio Per La Sposa!!!




  • Roxy Tart  
    Awwwww thanks hon. This is so sweet! xoxooxox
  • John  
    you're a doll and you deserve the best :-)
  • Daniel  
    I remember that day like it was Saturday.... oh wait, it was Saturday. glad i was able to be there!!!

  • Scarlet von Harlet  
    Congrats you two!! XOXO

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