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Links - Entries from October 2008

  • October, 2008
  • Original Sin Undies and Pin Up Parties Part 2

    The one and only Original Sin dropped me a note and said it was ok to post pics from the parties
    so you all get an added bonus...
    12 pics from Pin Up Parties


    and if you are one of the ladies pictured me and you want your name with the pics.. drop me a line and let me know who is who


    MAKE SURE you click below to see the rest of the pics

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  • Original Sin Undies and Pin Up Parties

    Talk about an idea...


    Original Sin Undies is a vintage-inspired lingerie shop in Danville California

    from her MySpace
    "I own a lingerie shop in the California Bay Area called Original Sin.
    We specialize in vintage-inspired lingerie, pin-up art, coffee table books, and handmade jewelry.
    I am inspired by beautiful things from times passed.
    My favorite things are family heirlooms, old photographs, and sailor's tattoos.
    I like things that have a story to tell....."

    now that in itself is enough to gain my interest

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  • Anna Cas

    I really believe that Anna is unique in the pinup art world... She hand draws real girls as pinups and she does some excellent work. She in the middle of renovating some new studio space for herself in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Anna's MySpace or drop her a note at

  • KKZ

    KKZ was the first set of contests I became involved in and to this day is the only pinup calendar I actually own

    Frenchy runs a great site, and very clean contest (no dirty tricks girls) and puts together one of THE best pinup calendars on the planet

    KKZ's Website and Store

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