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Entries from October 2008

  • October, 2008
  • The Incomparable Cherry Laine

    For me there is no better way to kick this off than with one of my fave pinups - Cherry Laine

    Cherry runs All American Pinups and this is from her website
    All American Pinups
    "I am an ARMY wife, mother, model and hardcore troop supporter.
    All donations I receive on this page send care packages and letters to our troops over seas fighting the war on terror.
    The pics I take are also for sale and all the funds from the pics go to care packages and welcome home baskets for our soldiers.
    I have many I have no idea how many I have, lost count a long long time ago.I collect tiki's and love animals ( I have 2 sweet Shih-Tzus )
    I love my country and proud to be an American. I am a conservative republican, and damn proud to be!
    Also please remember that I am HAPPILY MARRIED... so show some respect when leaving comments! Thanks Cherry Lane"

    you can also find Cherry on MySpace -
  • Anna Cas

    I really believe that Anna is unique in the pinup art world... She hand draws real girls as pinups and she does some excellent work. She in the middle of renovating some new studio space for herself in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Anna's MySpace or drop her a note at

  • Roy Varga

    I can't say enough about Roy Varga and his team, you'll have to go check it out for yourself

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Roy's Site
  • Freeze Frame Photography

    Freeze Frame Photography is based in Lawton, OK and she is the one who takes those great pics of Cherry Lane from All American PInups

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Freeze Frame's MySpace
  • Tim Hunter Photography

    Tim Hunter is one of my new fave pinup photographers

    He's based out of California, but I won't hold that against him

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Tim's MySpace

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