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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Bunnie Graves

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From herMySpace

As can be seen in several of my pics, I have cerebral palsy (diplegia, for those familiar with CP).

I do not suffer from it.

It's not something I "struggle" with.

It's just another facet of my life, as simple as eye color and to me, just as significant.

No, I cant be an olympic gymnast, but amazingly I get by _wink.

It can complicate certain things, but I have yet to face something that it totally barrs me from doing.

If this in any way squicks you, move on.

now why the hell would that squick me??

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Ava Jinx

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and now.. in this corner.

straight out of Melbourne, Australia



ok seriously... Ava is part of the Miss Cherry 2009 Contest

She lists her occupations as professional muse

maybe professional heart breaker should be there as well

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My Pick for Miss Cherry 2009

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Ok it took me longer than I thought it would

and even then the choice was far from easy

I looked at every girl twice or 10 times I forget but after all is said and done...

Ava Jinx

I dunno why... I love the outfit, love the hair but I think it might be the eyes

no better reason than that...

Cherry Club, Inc. has kicked off their Miss Cherry 2009

There are 26 pinup models to choose from

Click here to see the contestants

so add Cherry Club, Inc. to your MySpace friends

and add a comment to your favorite girl

one vote per MySpace account


Deanna Marie

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yea yea yea.. I know

I'm slacking... I was planning on doing updates daily but I was on vacation last week and then MySpace decided to eat my bulletins... so I took that as an sign that I should relax and catch up on my sleep...

but here we are on a sunday and here is a question for you:

what do you get when you take a Portuguese/Puerto Rican girl and let her loose in the pinup world?

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