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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

21st Century Pinups

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Cruising around last night I came across 21st Century online magazine

Started about a year ago there are 6 currently issues of this UK-based mag online and available for you to read

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Pictures, articles and opinions are the fare, and they have a great interface for reading... it's a flash based page turner that I think should be part of any pinup afficionado's regular reading

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Where were these people when I was growing up

Richie here is from Peekskill NY, not too far from where I grew up

His profile says he's 60 and he says..."i paint scenery for movies,tv,broadway,pin up art, band posters and logos"

well Richie.. I just may have to create a new category here just for you

Artist (and I did just that)

These images are from two albums called "Digital Painting" and "Art Work" Continue reading "Richie"

Miss Bea Rock

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I am so digging The Pinup Lifestyle Network

You all might get sick of me plugging this site but too fucking bad

Miss Bea Rock hails from near my old stomping grounds

I grew up in Rockland County, NY (20 min north west of NYC), and Miss Bea is in Orange County NY

From her Pinup Lifestyle profile


My life is a series of costumes and eyebrow stencils. I was born 70 years too late.

LIKES: Putting on makeup, cooking, horror movies, knitting, trashy reality tv, overdressing for things, attention, shopping.

DISLIKES: Flavored cream cheese, when my cat is sad, television jingles, asian style trail mix with disproportionately low amounts of wasabi peas.

I can do my own hair and makeup. I am willing to travel (NY, NJ, PA, MA, MD....)

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What kinda person would I be if I didn't pass props to Desirée?

A not-so-plain & simple Kentucky girl now living outside of San Fransisco, CA (I'll bet there is a story there)

She is also the creator of The Pinup Lifestyle Network

that alone earns her a top spot in my heart Continue reading "Desir&#233e"

Samantha Valentine

<%ThickBox(|Samantha-Valentine.Com)%> <%ThickBox(|Samantha-Valentine.Com)%>

I am so digging The Pinup Lifestyle Network

You all might get sick of me plugging this site but too fucking bad

Samantha Valentine is straight outta Alberta, BC, Canada

and yes another redhead...

I'm telling ya I LOVE redheads

Be sure to check out her Pinup Lifestyle profile

There is a set of Bettie Page style pics with Samantha & Cattiva

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