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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Miss Bea Rock

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I am so digging The Pinup Lifestyle Network

You all might get sick of me plugging this site but too fucking bad

Miss Bea Rock hails from near my old stomping grounds

I grew up in Rockland County, NY (20 min north west of NYC), and Miss Bea is in Orange County NY

From her Pinup Lifestyle profile


My life is a series of costumes and eyebrow stencils. I was born 70 years too late.

LIKES: Putting on makeup, cooking, horror movies, knitting, trashy reality tv, overdressing for things, attention, shopping.

DISLIKES: Flavored cream cheese, when my cat is sad, television jingles, asian style trail mix with disproportionately low amounts of wasabi peas.

I can do my own hair and makeup. I am willing to travel (NY, NJ, PA, MA, MD....)

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What kinda person would I be if I didn't pass props to Desirée?

A not-so-plain & simple Kentucky girl now living outside of San Fransisco, CA (I'll bet there is a story there)

She is also the creator of The Pinup Lifestyle Network

that alone earns her a top spot in my heart Continue reading "Desir&#233e"

Samantha Valentine

<%ThickBox(|Samantha-Valentine.Com)%> <%ThickBox(|Samantha-Valentine.Com)%>

I am so digging The Pinup Lifestyle Network

You all might get sick of me plugging this site but too fucking bad

Samantha Valentine is straight outta Alberta, BC, Canada

and yes another redhead...

I'm telling ya I LOVE redheads

Be sure to check out her Pinup Lifestyle profile

There is a set of Bettie Page style pics with Samantha & Cattiva

Check em out Continue reading "Samantha Valentine"

RIP Bettie Page

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With locks as dark as midnight and a smile as bright as day, Bettie Page was much more than a beautiful pinup model, she was simply the best. A legend as much today as during her modeling days, every facet of Bettie's life and personality captures the interest and devotion of the thousands of fans that followed her career until the day of her mysterious disappearance.

Bettie's numerous contradictions undoubtedly added to her charismatic personality. Nice and naughty, shy and daring, simple and exotic, Bettie shone with a freshness never before seen in the modeling industry. Without elaborate props, costumes, or set-dressings, Bettie produced some of the most beautiful shots to ever grace the covers of hundreds of magazines. Bettie's smoothly tanned skin, deep blue eyes and coal-black hair with her trademark bangs, were enough inspiration to spark the imagination of even the least experienced photographers. Her "girl next door" look and innocent smile only complemented that explosive combination of features.
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Kat Collins

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So I'm cruising around over at The Pinup Lifestyle Network

looking for some good pictures and I find this adorable lil girl that goes by the name of Kat Collins

the girl next door type

red hair, great eyes, cute smile

so I pop open her profile and she says she's a makeup artist

not a model


quick look at her pics Continue reading "Kat Collins"