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  • July, 2009
  • Miss Katrina Darling

    <%ThickBox(|John Beilby)%> <%ThickBox(|Dee TV Studio)%>

    Beautiful People Magazine is running a contest

    and I wanna throw my support to UK cutie, Miss Katrina Darling

    (yes boys and girls.. that IS her real name)

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  • Amber Nicole

    <%ThickBox(|Bittersweet Photography)%> <%ThickBox(|422 Studio)%>

    Today seemed like a good day for a little cheesecake

    Amber Nicole Houston was right there when I needed her

    This pinup cutie hails from Newport News, VA


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  • Something just a lil different

    <%ThickBox(|Model: Lil Bit)%> <%ThickBox(|Model: Kia)%>

    I started last night by looking for a noir pinup... it just felt like a noir kinda night

    well after looking at 100's pics over last night and this morning I kinda gave up looking

    (Models.. if you have a noir/femme fatale/detective set drop me a line will ya?)

    so after a fustrating morning I decided to look at my fans list over on Pinup Lifetyle.

    There was something that caught my eye.

    Flat Black Photography had a pic of a previous feature here, Lil Bit

    <%ThickBox(|Models: Auburn Hills, Tim)%>

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  • Melia deMure

    <%ThickBox(|New Era West Photography)%> <%ThickBox(|New Era West Photography)%>

    There are all different kinds of pinups in the world today

    and I love all of them

    Melia deMure is her name and she comes to you from Long Beach, CA

    I came across this 5'4" cutie over on The Pinup Lifestyle Network

    <%ThickBox(|New Era West Photography)%>

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  • Grace Black - revisited


    well well well... looks like KKZ has one more contest to go

    They are running to see who gets the cover of the 2010 calendar and I already have my girl picked out

    The Massachusetts tattooed cutie is into "silk stockings, high heels, red lipstick, drivin' fast, livin slow and happy, hotrodz, the smell of gas..o..line, fixin stuff, swearin, posin' fer the camera, laughin' loud."

    After the last contest Grace and Lance sent me this kick ass Milltown Ink t-shirt

    I wear it all the time.. THANKS GUYS

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