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Project Pinup



Not too long ago I came across Project Pinup on twitter. or should I say they came across me.

I don't think that Latinas get enough exposure in the pinup scene, so I asked for some pics and what you see here is what they sent me.

Miss January, Miss February, Miss April, Miss June and Miss July

or would that be Señorita Enero..

No matter what you call them, I see pinups. Beautiful women, beautiful pics, and you know what? I'd love to have this calendar to hang in my studio.




I got this in an e-mail from Gaby Castillo (well I think it was Gaby) that summed up what they are trying to accomplish:

PROJECT PINUP is a Mexican photography project dedicated to the re-vamp of the woman today: We are sick of false and medically enhanced bodies, we want the real woman to be portrayed as beautiful just for its own sake once again! Every year we take pictures of 13 girls who are selected through a writing contest. :-)




I love this philosophy and I am glad to feature these girls.

Project Pinup's website

Project Pinup on Twitter


Looking at their website I see that Ede and Gaby have their selections made for the 2012 calendar and I can't want to see the pics.



PS: added bonus. I see that Señorita Agosto, Gina Flowers, is online.. and just a few days till Señorita Septiembre




  • Perla Rodriguez Middleton  
    Me encanta what they are doing, que pena that it is only for Mexican women. There are other Latinas like me que hacen pin up that dont get enough exposure. But its is nice to see that their cross segment de la populacion is getting exposure :-) andale!!
  • John  
    Perla: send me some links and I'd be happy to take a look


    ps: your facebook link is broken

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