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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Tawny Nicole

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wow do I feel like a......

In looking for info about "Nicole" I found two different Nicoles whose pics I liked

Following link to link to grab pics and info I mixed up my girls...

so let me fix it now

Tawny Nicole is featured in this post and Nicole is in the previous post Continue reading "Tawny Nicole"


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Sometimes you come across a picture. painting, or some image that just strikes you.

This post is one of those....

The Pinup Lifestyle Network has a slide show of featured images right on the front page. Every few days I take some time to watch the 100-some images scroll on by while I am doing other things.

From time to time I'll pause on a pic and check out the profile.

Well the pic above of Nicole came on screen and I had to stop and say wow.

Pure Hollywood glam.. so I became a fan and started hunting for other images to share here Continue reading "Nicole"

Lisa Love

<%ThickBox(|Tim Hunter Photography)%> <%ThickBox(|Tim Hunter Photography)%>

I flip open myspace this morning only to find new pics from Tim Hunter sitting in the stream

By now I'm sure you know that Tim is one of my favorite photographers and has been featured here before

The pics are of 5'0" cutie Lisa Love and they are kicker

Tim is an excellent photographer and Lisa Love is one adorable model

The newest pics give me that 1940's clasic pinup feel, and I love it

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Sophia Sirena

<%ThickBox(|Sophia Sirena)%> <%ThickBox(|Sophia Sirena)%>

I was peeking atthe Viva Las Vegas 13 "The Burlesque Showcase" contest this morning and came across this particular model.

Sophia Sirena hangs out in the LA/Hollywood area and performs with Bobbie Burlesque

Catch their act on January 16 @ M Bar 1253 Vine Street Los Angeles, CA 90038|Sophia Sirena)%>

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