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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Pinky Sui

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California based Pinky Sui rounds out my Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent picks

She's a self-described "light skinned Hispanic dame"

She should say light skinned Hispanic glamour dame, a lot of the pics I looked at belonged in a 40's hollywood magazine

check out her video called "ink n iron pinup pageant plea for votes"

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Lisa Luxe

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Lisa Luxe aka The Pocket Pin-up gets another of my votes in Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent

The Pocket Pin-up?

yeppers.. this Vegas based cutie stands 5'1" and weights in at a mere 117lbs

wanna know her measurements?

it's all over on her Model Mayhem profile Continue reading "Lisa Luxe"