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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Harlean Carpenter

<%ThickBox(|Harlean Carpenter )%> <%ThickBox(|Harlean Carpenter )%>

There are times when I look at a picture and think that the imagery itself is almost poetic...

Then I came across Harlean Carpenter who happens to be a pinup AND a poet

<%ThickBox(|Harlean Carpenter )%> <%ThickBox(|Harlean Carpenter )%>
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about me

<%ThickBox(|John & his bass)%> <%ThickBox(|Anne & John)%>

well since you asked I thought I would take a moment to tell you about me

ok no one asked by I'm gonna tell you anyways

I was born in NY in 1968 and lived there till 1998 then I picked up and moved to Wisconsin

I started playing bass at the tender age of 7 when George Gokey from my Uncle Joe's band The Cartoons cut two strings of my lil acoustic guitar and taught me a few punk riffs

I went on to get my Bachelors degree in Music

Today I work in IT, by day I'm an IT director for a non-profit and at night I design websites

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because I said you should

<%ThickBox(|Desirée)%> <%ThickBox(|Delyssia LaBelle)%>

Desirée from Pinup Lifestyle put out a call and I'd never say to no to Desirée

The member count stands around 5800 and Desirée wants to see 6000 before Viva Las Vegas on April 1.

now this site gets more than 200 views in a day... so if you all head over to the signup page fill out the form Desirée gets her wish

and what do you get?

well with 5800 members there are tons of pics, videos, music, and a forum

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How to make a Kitty purrrrrr

<%ThickBox(|Kitty Walls)%> <%ThickBox(|Kitty Walls)%>

One of the very first pinups I featured here was Miss Kitty Walls

I keep a pretty close eye on her stuff and vote for her in any contest she's running in

Well a little birdie told me she was participating in one starting today over on Ravage

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