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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Kit Karson

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I've been known to hang out in the Pinup Lifestyle Chatroom

It's a good place to just shoot the shit with people who the same interests

anyways... I started talking to Kit Karson and thought she was a complete blast to talk to and after a bit I went to check out her profile

I think she's adorable and thought I'd share

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This is not a Pinup Related Post

But read it anyways

Do you know these people??

Storm's Cellar: Un-Wise

Everyone should go read this... Anne and I do a fair amount of charity related stuff (IE FUCK CANCER bracelets and donation to Shriner's Hospital) and even though we didn't get hit by these people some of you might have... either way you should read about these "people" and pass it along to your friends. Folks like this need to be stopped, arrested, jailed, and, if it was legal, publicly flogged.

My experience with pinup related people tells me that if someone is in need you do your best to help them out

These people, The Wise's, take advantage of that generous nature and use it for their own personal gain

and that pisses me off to no end.

read the full article on my wife's blog

Storm's Cellar: Un-Wise

repost it where you can...

let's do our best to stop these fucktards and those like them


Bachelor Pad Magazine

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so back in March, Ludella Hahn was running a contest and I decided to enter

I have some pretty consistent rotten luck. With little exception I don't win shit

I'm also pretty sure I used up all my good luck when I met my wife

but what the hell, send her an e-mail, and put a promo post up here

and guess what? I won! and what did I win?

a subscription to Bachelor Pad Magazine

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Staci Louise

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I gotta tell ya honestly I don't know a lot about this girl and I don't have a lot of pics but I think she is damned adorable in some shots and a complete hollywood beauty in others

She 5'1" and from LA and does burlesque under the pseudonym "Bear Bottoms"

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Jolee Blon'

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I came across Louisiana born Jolee Blon' on MySpace

When I saw her pic I heard "Chantilly Lace" in my head and sure enough she has that on her playlist

The Jerry Lee Lewis version, not the Big Bopper, but I couldn't hold that against her

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