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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

A Different Kind of Pinup Calendar


This is odd and damn cool

EIZO, a medical imaging compant, wanted a unique calendar to hand out to their clients and potential clients

Duesseldorf, Germany based BUTTER came up with one helluva concept if you ask me

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Tessa LeTaunt

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Tessa LeTaunt is a 5'4" doll hailing from Texas and currently based out of Kansas City Missouri

Plenty of times I have no idea why a girls pic catches my attention and I never argue with it.

Her model mayhem says she does cheesecake, pin up, fetish, swim suit and is open to just about anything else

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More Roxy Tart

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ok there is no way around it... I <3 Roxy Tart

She a fucking trip to talk to

She changes her hair color like I change my jeans

She's a juggalette (look it up if you have no idea what I'm talking about)

but on top of that she's a real person, honest, brash, up front and damn pretty

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Adrianne Curry

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I couple of the boards I hang out on give Adrianne Curry a lot of shit for being an "attention whore" blah blah and all that shit

So what she's done a couple reality shows and married a Brady(his name is Christopher Knight by the way)

When I used to do a show on a social broadcasting network called NowLive with my friend Tommy D, Adrianne Curry had her show in the slot before us.

There were plenty of times when she would call into Tommy's show and just hang out and shoot the shit with us

I found her to be engaging, silly, funny, and a complete trip

She may not remember the experience, but I do

She's a celebrity that enjoys hanging out with people and having a good time.

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