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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

sending kisses to Khandie Khisses

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a conversation on twitter...

KhandieKhisses: aaahhhh someone kiss me quick!

MyFavePinups:KhandieKhisses *MUAH*

KhandieKhisses:MyFavePinups swoon best kiss I have had in months!

MyFavePinups:KhandieKhisses oh sweetie I'm sorry... but I'll kiss ya anytime you want

KhandieKhisses:MyFavePinups whoop! Snog ma face off. Make my lipstick smear!

KhandieKhisses now that sounds like a task that could take a couple hours to properly complete

MyFavePinups: KhandieKhisses:MyFavePinups ooohh I love hours of snogging! Bring on the saliva swappage!

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Sabina Kelley

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Where can you get a 5'10" 34D-26-38 California born bombshell with beautiful ink??

why Las Vegas of course

say hello to Sabina Kelley

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Lacy Lane

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I was looking around for girlies just the other day and popped a note on twitter... one of my fave girlies of ALL time, Wink Holliday, pointed me to Nebraska

NEBRASKA??? really

so off I go

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Amy Adams is simply adorable

<%ThickBox(|Amy Adams - all pics are © their respective sources|fade)%> <%ThickBox(|Amy Adams - all pics are © their respective sources|fade)%>

On New years day me the wife and tykes watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

and Amy Adams was in it as Amelia Earhart

I started thinking about Amy Adams and I couldn't think of anything I've seen that I didn't like her in

so off to google I go to see if she had any pinup shots or old Hollywood glamour shots

and she did

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meet Kerosene Deluxe

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let me introduce you to Miss Kerosene Deluxe

Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and now living in Vancouver, BC, Canada

I caught a couple pics of this self described plus size pinup and went right off hunting for more pics.

Here are just a few of what I found

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